Our kids don’t have to leave Utah County for specialized pediatric care. Timpanogos Regional Hospital is right here close to home in Orem for the kid care services our little ones may need.

Your family can count on us for everything from in-and-out trips to the emergency room and quick outpatient visits to extended-stay pediatric healing you can trust. At Timpanogos Regional Hospital, every child is a star. Stay where you are to receive the highest quality kid kare.

Pediatric Unit

If you’re child has to spend the night in the hospital, they might as well do it surrounded by their favorite Disney and Dr. Seuss friends. The themed rooms for kids of all ages in our pediatric unit is just one of the many ways we provide the highest quality care in the most fun ways.

Never leave your child’s side as we provide meals and sleeping arraignments for mom or dad. You can also expect personalized care from our pediatric certified nursing staff and a clearly defined care plan to get your little one back to their own bed as soon as possible.

  • Kid-themed recovery rooms
  • Joint care with your child’s pediatrician and our pediatric intensivist
  • Personalized attention from friendly, pediatric-trained nurses
  • Patient-only play room including toys and gaming system
  • Patient tablets and 24/7 kid movies
  • Never leave their side with parent meals and sleeping arrangements provided
  • Highly secure, locked-down pediatric unit
  • Kid-friendly menu items