Heart care center in Orem, Utah

The cardiologists and multidisciplinary teams at Timpanogos Regional Hospital, including our on-campus Heart and Vascular Center, offer personalized, effective and timely cardiac care. From an irregular heart rhythm, to a heart attack, you can count on us for comprehensive heart and vascular care in Orem, Utah.

If you have been referred to a heart specialist or are seeking help for a heart condition, please call (855) 413-7829 to make an appointment with our heart specialists.

Advanced heart care at Timpanogos Regional Hospital

The nationally recognized cardiac specialists at Timpanogos Regional Hospital are specially trained to provide advanced treatments for patients with heart conditions. The solutions they offer include life-changing surgeries and innovative procedures.

Here is an example: Several of our heart surgeons offer the Left Atrial Appendage Closure procedure to patients with atrial fibrillation. This procedure reduces the risk of blood clots that cause strokes in patients A-fib. To perform it, surgeons implant a device in the heart that permanently closes off a small pouch (the left atrial appendage), keeping blood clots from entering the bloodstream and traveling to the brain. Several companies provide these devices including Watchman (available at Timpanogos Regional Hospital), Coherex Wave Crest, and Amulet.


Timpanogos Regional Hospital is your destination for expert heart care in Utah County. As an accredited Chest Pain Center, as designated by the ACC Accreditation Services, our cardiac specialists are equipped to quickly and effectively identity signs of a heart attack and begin appropriate treatments in our cardiac catheterization lab. We also have accreditations for atrial fibrillation and heart failure.

American College of Cardiology - Atrial Fibrilation
American College of Cardiology - Heart Failure
American College of Cardiology - Chest Pain Center

Cardiovascular disease (heart disease) is responsible for one in four deaths in the U.S., according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You may be at high-risk for developing heart disease if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, peripheral artery disease (PAD), diabetes or obesity.

The cardiologists and heart specialists at Timpanogos Regional Hospital can recognize early signs of heart disease and create a treatment plan to minimize or even alleviate the disease.

Heart health and conditions

Our heart center in Orem can diagnose and treat a variety of cardiac conditions, such as:

  • Angina
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Atrial fibrillation (A-fib)
  • Bradycardia
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heart failure
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Pericarditis
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Premature ventricular contractions
  • Supraventricular tachycardia
  • Ventricular tachycardia

Heart screening and imaging

To diagnose heart problems, our heart specialists perform diagnostic tests, including:

Non-invasive tests

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)
  • 64-slice computed tomography (CT) scan
  • Exercise stress test
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Tilt table test
  • Stress echocardiogram
  • Nuclear medicine cardiac studies
  • Pharmacologic stress echocardiogram

Invasive tests

Heart and vascular surgery

After our Orem heart care specialists identify heart disease or a heart problem, we may suggest one of the following procedures as treatment:

Invasive procedures

  • Coronary angioplasty
  • Coronary stenting
  • Coronary atherectomy
  • Coronary thrombectomy
  • Septal defect closure
  • Peripheral angioplasty
  • Peripheral atherectomy
  • Renal angioplasty
  • Valvuloplasty
  • Endomyocardial biopsy
  • Pericardiocentesis
  • Intra-aortic balloon pump

Surgical procedures

  • Coronary artery bypass
  • Valve repair/replacement
  • Transmyocardial revascularization (TMR)
  • Open chest (maze procedure for A-fib)
  • Minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery
  • Mini-maze for A-fib

Our cardiovascular surgeons in Orem are among a small number of specialists in the country trained to use the technology that enables mini-maze surgeries.

Electrophysiology lab

The electrophysiology lab, or EP lab, is designed to treat patients who suffer from heart arrhythmias, like atrial fibrillation. Our Orem electrophysiologists use a variety of treatments depending on the type of irregular heartbeat you have. Often, we can help restore your heart's normal rhythm without major surgery. Most patients stay overnight in our cardiac recovery area and go home the next morning following the treatment.

Electrophysiology treatments include:

  • Elective cardioversion
  • 3D mapping
  • Ablation
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD)
  • Event recorder implantation
  • Device lead extraction
  • Pacemaker implantation

Fast heart attack care

When it comes to cardiac care, particularly during a heart attack, time and expertise matter. That is why our emergency room physicians and cardiologists partner with local medical response teams to streamline heart attack diagnosis and treatment processes.

Heart attack victims being transported by ambulance to Timpanogos Regional Hospital are diagnosed in transit by pre-hospital 12-lead EKG technology. This machine provides a full view of the heart and records its electrical activity, then transmits the results to the physicians in our ER. This allows our emergency staff to have a treatment plan ready and a medical team assembled before the patient even arrives.

A heart attack victim diagnosed in an ambulance bypasses the emergency department triage process and goes straight to the cardiac catheterization lab, where a medical team stands prepared to insert a balloon to unblock a clogged artery. This streamlined process saves time and lives and helps to reduce long-term heart damage. Our average door-to-balloon time is 30 minutes, well below the national standard of 90 minutes.  

Visit our Chest Pain Center page to learn about heart attack symptoms.

Cardiac rehabilitation

Following a cardiac event, many patients require therapy and rehab to restore their heart’s strength. Timpanogos Regional Hospital offers an on-site Cardiac Rehabilitation Center where heart patients can conveniently begin rehab.

Visit our cardiac rehabilitation page to learn more.