Technology Resources and Support

At Timpanogos Regional Hospital, we have fast, reliable wall-to-wall physician networking. If an IT problem arises or you would like more information on the following technologies to help you assist your patients, please call our 24/7 IT Help Desk at(801) 479-2163.

hCare Portal

A “one stop shop” to view patient information and data from various clinical software programs (Meditech, EKG images, and images and reports from Cardiology and Radiology PACS systems). Need to sign off on your medical records? You can do it here. Access hCare Portal from any computer in our facilities or remotely with hCare Access (remote access).

hCare Remote Access

Remote secure access to patient clinical information from computers outside the hospital (for Windows-based systems, Apple MAC operating system, and iPad).

hCare Mobility

Retrieve patient clinical information anytime, anywhere on your approved smart phone: displays current information from Meditech, giving you a complete view into your patient’s clinical record on both Windows–based phones and the iPhone.

hCare/Affiliated Hub

Link your office Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems to HCA hospital systems for real–time access to patient clinical data in your own office. Note: there may be additional costs for this technology.


The home for patient care inquiry reports (text summary of patient tests): these can be retrieved at the facility, remotely, or at your office, allowing for immediate access to reports and other clinical data. Meditech information is also viewable through the hCare Portal in an easy-to-navigate system.

Physician Wireless Network

Wireless Internet connectivity from anywhere in the facility.


This evidence–based, peer-reviewed resource finds the latest up-to-date information on illnesses, and is available within the facility or remotely via hCare Access.

Cardiology and Radiology PACS

Stores digital images from tests like ultrasounds, X-rays, TTE and cardiac nuclear studies, giving a visual for patients after their test that can be archived for historical benefit.

OB Link

Allows remotely–located clinical practitioners to access and view fetal/maternal monitoring and information.

TraceMaster ECG

Stores patients’ ECGs from all MountainStar facilities, providing for same–patient serial comparison and quick transfer of ECG waveforms.