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Richard Gelb, MD

Richard Gelb, MD

Cardiovascular Disease
Dr. Richard Gelb, M.D. is a Board-Certified cardiologist with the Heart Center at Timpanogos Regional Hospital. Dr. Gelb graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine in 1988. He completed an internal medicine residency in Los Angeles and a fellowship in cardiovascular disease at USC Medical Center.

Dr. Gelb has treated patients in California, Pennsylvania, Florida and Utah. His areas of expertise include: Invasive and Interventional Cardiology, including stenting, intravascular ultrasound and Doppler flow wire, Peripheral Angiography, Pacemaker Implantation and follow-up, Noninvasive Cardiology including nuclear imaging, echocardiography, trans esophageal and stress echocardiography (Nuclear licensed), Consultative Cardiology, including emergency and critical care disease management, Phlebology and Vein Disease management, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Supervision.

Dr. Gelb was born in Hartford, CT and grew up in Miami, FL. Having enjoyed science at an early age, he always wanted to become a doctor and make the world a better place. His care philosophy is an individualized approach to patient care focused on improving both quality and length of life based on science and clinical data.

Dr. Gelb is married with four children and enjoys skiing, hiking, fly-fishing and rock climbing.

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