Our Caring Model

At Timpanogos Regional Hospital, we believe in a culture of caring when tending to patient needs and when interacting with family members, physicians and coworkers. We also ask each of our employees to commit to an employee pledge, which includes identifying with the role of a team member and as an individual working efficiently, positively and respectfully to achieve goals of the team, the department and the hospital.

Our Employee Pledge

As an employee of Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Orem, we have an expectation that each employee will commit to the following STAR behaviors as part of our employee pledge:

  • Sensitivity:
    I will be sensitive and responsive to the needs of my colleagues
  • Teamwork/Communication:
    I will continually support our team
  • Attitude:
    We will approach you with a positive and professional attitude
  • Respect:
    I will treat you with respect

By demonstrating this type of behavior, we offer a work environment that provides supporting colleagues and management. We understand the significance of educational opportunities to enhance our employees continued growth. We have a welcoming family atmosphere where employees feel like they are home.

We have long tenured employees who are fully committed and engaged in the focus of patient care and use the Timpanogos Regional Hospital Caring Model attributes for all interactions with patients, peers and hospital guests.