Timpanogos Regional Hospital
November 12, 2015

Orem, UT – One of only two hybrid operating rooms in Utah is now bringing benefits to patients at Timpanogos Regional Hospital. The 2,500 square foot suite enables heart specialists to immediately shift from an interventional procedure to an open surgical procedure whenever necessary. The hybrid OR is the only one in the state and one of only nine nationwide to offer the most advanced surgical technology systems available today.

For example, C-arm technology mounted on a swiveling, wheeled gantry moves freely on the floor. Physicians can position this computerized X-ray technology in multiple positions around the patient to obtain images for the procedure – and then move the gantry completely out of the way. The technology systems also include large, high-resolution monitors that can be positioned to enable optimal viewing by the physician and complete access to patients during procedures.

With images projected in minute detail on the large monitors, heart specialists at Timpanogos Regional can more clearly see diseased or injured tissue and organs as they perform procedures to repair them. Most U.S. hospitals are at least five years away from having a hybrid OR with this level of state-of-the-art surgical technology systems. Now, cardiovascular specialists are detecting and clearing narrowed or blocked arteries faster and more thoroughly at Timpanogos Regional. Cardiac electrophysiologists are better identifying, mapping and ablating errant electrical impulses that cause heart arrhythmias including atrial fibrillation. Most important, physicians are effectively conducting minimally invasive procedures and advanced surgical procedures – one patient at time in the same surgical suite as needed.

That means when an interventional procedure does not enable the most complete resolution of a patient’s cardiac condition, it is no longer necessary to bring that individual out of anesthesia and then move to an OR that is better equipped for open surgery. When the process of transferring to another OR is not an option, those patients will no longer have to return to the hospital at a later date for the second surgery. At Timpanogos Regional Hospital, the hybrid OR now facilitates optimal outcomes for patients during one surgical time period. It also leads to less time under anesthesia and reduced exposure to radiation from imaging technologies as well as fewer hospital stays and quicker recoveries.

The large surgical suite fully accommodates OR teams of various sizes along with several imaging technologies, free-moving monitors and medical equipment. Heart specialists and their teams supported by the most advanced imaging technologies are conducting minimally invasive interventional procedures and open surgical procedures including the following:

  • Interventional cardiovascular procedures for heart attacks and other cardiac conditions
  • Cardiac electrophysiology procedures for heart arrhythmias
  • Immediate shift to open surgical procedures as needed

The new hybrid OR at Timpanogos Regional is fully equipped with several types of imaging technologies including these:

  • CAT scans that deliver the highest level of cross-sectional images of the body
  • Wide-bore C-arm provides detailed images of a larger portion of the surgical field
  • 3D anatomical mapping systems for electrophysiology procedures
  • Laser that enables extraction of damaged or infected pacemaker leads