Timpanogos Regional Hospital
November 16, 2017

Salt Lake City —Timpanogos Regional Hospital has expanded pediatric care to provide more options for children with craniofacial conditions. The hospital now offers the specialty care these children need - in many cases, closer to home. In particular, complex craniofacial procedures are available in Utah County, including surgery to address craniosynostosis, which is caused by growth plates in the baby's skull fusing too early.

Given its consistently high birth rate, Utah is home to many children who are challenged by facial differences. Nationwide, 1 in 650 babies is born with a condition that affects the face, skull and/or neck, per the National Craniofacial Association. According to the CDC, two of the most common conditions are orofacial clefts (lip and palate) and craniosynostosis. By expanding options for pediatric patients, MountainStar aims to better meet the needs of children with these craniofacial conditions and others.

Care options for multiple craniofacial conditions

Utah parents can turn to the pediatric specialists at Timpanogos Regional Hospital for experienced treatment of many of the approximately 30 types of craniofacial conditions. In addition to repairing cleft lip and palates and addressing facial differences caused by craniosynostosis, specialists can treat ear deformities, traumatic injuries to the face and head, vascular malformations and more.