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Timpanogos Regional Hospital

Community Impact Report

Supporting Community

Timpanogos Regional Hospital - 2009

Local Taxes:
School District $300,720
County Government $35,013
Other Government $97,143
Sales Tax $505,720
Total $1,096,985
State and Federal Taxes:
Income Tax * $2,486,959
Unemployment Tax $52,249
Hospital Bed Tax $0
Total $2,539,208
Uncompensated Care
Charity $572,140
Uncollected Funds $4,974,857
Contractual Allowances $103,018,165
Total $108,565,162
Charitable Contributions/Public Service:
Local Health Improvement Organization $1,250
Local Civic Improvement Organization $0
Municipal School Partnerships $500
Public Service/Educational Activities $8,845
Total $10,595
Hospital Auxiliary
(a non-profit organization serving at Timpanogos Regional Hospital)
Number of Volunteers 94
Total Donated Hours 12,488
Additional Economic Impact:
Total Employees 567
Salaries/Wages/Benefits $27,936,112
Capital Funds Budgeted in Current Year $1,058,482
Capital Funds Reinvested Last Year $2,685,222
Capital Funds Reinvested Over the Last 5 Years $10,032,462
Total Hospital Services Rendered $419,530,595